Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spaghetti Bolognese - half soya, half beef

Spaghetti Bolognese, another family classic. We don't have much money at the moment so I'm trying to keep costs down. My theory is as long as I don't skimp on a few key tasty ingredients I can make a really cheap meal that tastes like it cost a lot more!

I've substituted half the mince with rehydrated soya mince which is a lot cheaper. You could of course use all beef mince, or all soya mince depending on your diet and budget, or mix with a different ratio to 50:50. My plan with mixing the types of mince was to fake the meatiness so my family didn't notice the difference (and it worked).
To keep the taste I've cooked the spaghetti in olive oil and used Schwartz Perfect Shake for Pasta to flavour the sauce. 

1 tin of chopped tomatoes                                                         34p
50g of dried soya mince rehydrated with 150mls of water          27p
200g of beef mince                                                                   80p
1 medium onion                                                                        16p      
1 beef stock cube                                                                       2p
Schwartz Perfect Shake for Pasta                                            18p

Spaghetti  (half a pack)                                                              10p    
Olive Oil                                                                                     6p      

Grated Cheese to top                                                                30p

Total                                                                                       £2.23
Cost per serving (based on serves 6)                                           37p


1. Start the Spaghetti boiling. Once fully submerged in the water add 5-10mls of olive oil. Cook as per packet instructions

2. Finely chop the onion and brown the onion and beef mince in a sauce pan.

3. Make up the beef stock as per instructions. Add the beef stock and soya mince to the pan. Cook for 5-10 minutes allowing the water to reduce and the soya mince to absorbed the flavours from the stock and the beef mince.

4. Add a generous helping of Schwartz Perfect Shake for Pasta.

5. Add the chopped tomatoes and simmer for a further 10 minutes.

6. Drain the pasta and serve immediately. I love to top my spaghetti bolognese with a generous helping of grated cheese.

Everyone really enjoyed the meal and it was a very tasty Spag bol. The combination of meat mince and soya mince cut a bit off the cost of the meal but you couldn't tell. There were just enough meaty chunks of beef mince that it felt as if the whole dish was the real thing. I did tell my husband I'd made it 50:50, but he was very impressed and said he couldn't tell. The children gave no indication they could tell either. 

The flavour from the Schwartz Perfect Shake for Pasta made for a very tasty sauce. It was very easy to use and a had just the right blend for the dish! Also a very quick mid week dish to make. 

Pricing: I've worked out the price of the mince approximately based on Tesco fresh value mince and the soya based on Holland and Barrett. The price of the Schwartz Perfect shake is based on RRP using a 10th of the jar, which is probably more than you would need. Olive oil is Tesco own brand, Onion is the single price quoted on Tesco for an onion and other costs worked out from using Tesco Everyday Value products. I do however buy my meat and vegetables locally but have costed from Tesco as not everyone is lucky enough to have such good local shops as I do. Prices are correct at time of publishing. 

Disclaimer: I received the Schwartz Perfect Shake for Pasta for free and for the purposes of reviewing on the blog. The recipe idea is my own and pretty much what we had planned for tea anyway! 

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