Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mountain Climbing!

At the weekend we took the children to climb some very big hills in the Malverns. It's still pretty cold so we made sure we had the right gear including walking boots, layers, good coats, hats and gloves. I took a carrier for Theo in case it was too hard for him. Abigail had a back pack with snacks in, and everything else was carried by hubby, after all I'm 18 weeks pregnant at the moment.

The path's started off easy enough.

But we decided we needed regular juice and sweet breaks anyway... or at least the children did.

Then it got a little harder, but Theo wasn't worried. He decided he was fine climbing the steep muddy path.

There were some beautiful views from the top.

This was the closest we got to a summat show.... mostly because the summat was so windy we thought one of the children might get blown away!

Theo was having too much fun to stop, and wasn't happy he had to stop climbing to have his picture taken.

Then he decided he wanted to take a short cut down.

"Mean" mummy wouldn't let him.

So cue toddler tantrum at the top of a very big hill!. (The look on my face is "why are you taking pictures and not helping me with the toddler").

Going down was a little easier. Abigail was very brave too. The bravest I've seen her. By the end of the walk she'd found her footing and was bounding down the hill to join Daddy who was a little faster than me.

Next time we get some good weather we are planning a longer walk and maybe a picnic. The children did very well with the climbing and as long as we can avoid the tantrums I think we could get quite a bit of trekking done!.


Coombe Mill said...

I'm loving the look of this and it is bringing back some very fond memories to me. We lived close by when I was preschool age and I still remember walking up the Malverns on a chilly Sunday afternoon with my parents, happy days, though my Mum tells me of a few tantrums along the way! Looks like you are building some lovely memories for your children too. It looks at least as beautiful as I remember. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids and sharing your day.

Becky Willoughby said...

well done to those small legs! I find regular snacks make walks less stressful