Monday, 7 October 2013

Rarr & Baa- Day out at Gullivers Land Dinosaur and Farm Park

Last week we took Dinosaur fanatic Theo, along with big sister Abigail to Gullivers Dinosaur and Farm Park in Milton Keynes. My sister and her family also joined us.

We arrived 30 minutes before park opening and even though the park was open we had to wait for a children's party to go in before us. It cost £8.95 per person above 90cm, meaning Abigail had to pay full price as did my tall for his age 2 year old nephew. At £53.70 for 4 adults, 2 paying children, 1 non paying toddler and 1 non paying baby we were expecting big things, and not just the size of the dinosaurs.

The first area we came to was a big sand pit around a room with a display on excavation of dinosaur fossils along with some casts of dinosaur skeletons.I like the idea of an educational experience and learning about dinosaurs rather than just looking at them, especially for older children visiting the park.

After the sand pit we walked through the dinosaur displays. We came face to face with many different life size dinosaurs. The children loved it and ran from display to display looking in awe at the realistic models.

From the adults point of view we noticed that a few dinosaurs were looking a bit tatty around the edges. The dinosaurs were hidden among plants but other than that there was no attempt at creating an ambience around the displays. Dinosaur noises or a bit of smoke anything to create a bit more of an atmosphere was missing.

After seeing the big dinosaur models we ventured into the reptile house to meet some real life reptiles. The tanks in this small display were all at a good height for the children who were pretty impressed by the collection.

Dotted around the park are several different play parks and activities for children. This included a soft play area and a toy digger game.

There was also a tractor fairground type ride which we went on twice. Its just 4 little tractors that go round a track, but the children seemed to enjoy it.

At the back of the park is the farm area. We got some animal feed on the way in but pretty much every animal other than the sheep were on "special diets" and couldn't eat it. Its a while since we've been to a farm and after a couple of hours chasing around looking at dinosaurs and riding on tractors the children were still interested. We have in the past visiting proper farms that have opened to the public that were a lot better. The farm area had a bit of a manufactured feel about it and if it was a "farm" day we had been after then there are better and cheaper options.

We did have a lovely day out and I know the children enjoyed it. I think it was a bit expensive for what it is and at that price I don't think its worth frequent return trips. The play parks, sand pits, soft plays and rides would be enough to keep the children amused time and time again, but just not at that cost.

Summary- Gullivers Dinosaur and farm park
Location: Milton Keynes, MK15 0DT
Parking: Good sized free car park outside park.
Price: £8.95 per person above 90cm tall.
Food: There is a cafe on the park which was pretty expensive. There are picnic benches throughout the park.
Facilities: There are toilets at the beginning of the park and in the middle with baby change facilities. Reasonably clean and accessible. There are also hand washing facilities around the animals which are at a good height for children.  


PinkOddy said...

I really love dinosaurs so it's disappointing that you say it isn't worth the money as I'd have travel reasonably far to visit. I'm glad the children enjoyed themselves. I have pinned this to my dinosaur board as you took fab dino pics :)

Coombe Mill said...

It's such a shame about the cost as it looked like there was a lot to see and do for the children. I can see from the photos that they had a lovely time in the sunshine admiring the dinosaurs and having fun in the play areas. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.