Monday, 28 October 2013

Earning our Sunday Dinner

It might be getting colder and a little windier out but that didn't stop us venturing out on Sunday morning for a bit of a trek to build up an appetite before our Sunday dinner. We headed to the ruins of Bordesley Abbey and the surrounding fields in Redditch.

As its a bit colder now the children put on their nice warm and padded winter coats and lined boots. ITs not quite cold enough for hats and gloves yet, but not far off.

Theo was pretty impressed we had to walk by some cows in the fields.

Bordesley Abbey was originally build around 1140 and demolished in 1538. A program of excavation began in 1969. We have been to the visitors center before, but never out to the ruins themselves. Further information can be found here.

The excavated graves within the Abbey were filled with water so I was a little worried the children might fall in. They had fun running around the ruins and we talked about how the Abbey might have looked in the olden days when it had a roof and walls all the way up. We tried to work out what the rooms might have been. Abigail was able to grasp some of the basic concepts that a long time ago the ruins had been a building, but couldn't understand what had happened to the monks or just how long ago all this happened. Theo just like running around and touching the stone.

The ruins are surrounded by grass land with a few trees here and there.

We collected some acorns for our Autumn sensory display.

And climbed the "mountain" aka, small hill.

We found some blackberries that were still edible, in fact a few were still red. So the children had a little snack of fresh blackberries after all that walking before we headed home for our Sunday Dinner.


Jess McGlynn said...

Looks like you had a really great time - you can't tell from the photos that it was a bit chilly!

Coombe Mill said...

You certainly did earn your Sunday dinner. What a beautiful and interesting place to visit, I can see by the happy photos that you all had a great time. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.