Wednesday, 25 September 2013

VROOM with a view

One thing we discovered on our recent trip to the Lake District is when your in the car there are a great many beautiful sights to see. Car Craft is having a competition to find just this, great dirving views. For details see here.

Here is our entry:

This picture was taken at the top of Kirkstone pass in the Lake District, which at its highest point reaches an altitude of  1489 feet. In order to reach this point we drove up an aptly named road called "The Struggle" which starts at Ambleside and has a gradient of 1 in 4 at places.I think this is one of the best road side views around, not only is it incredibly beautiful and almost in the clouds, its quite an amazing drive to get there in the first place, mountaineering for cars!! I'm a non driver and my husband has only been driving 18 months, so this was quite a challenge for him and a mini triumph to reach the top and see the whole world from the side of the road.

To put it in perspective here's some additional (non entry) pictures  to show the climb...... . 

.....the top..... 

....and the descent. 

This is our Entry for the Best Driving Views competition with Car Craft #VROOMwithaview

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