Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Two Week Wait

I have entered the Two Week Wait (2ww). According to charts and tests I ovulated 26 days after my miscarriage, which is 19 days after stopping bleeding. I'm taking my "miscarriage" date as the date of my ERCP, as opposed to the date I found out the pregnancy had failed, or the date I started the medical miscarriage procedure.

The Two Week Wait, often shortened to 2ww, is the time between ovulation and the period. Technically its the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, though in terms of trying to get pregnant its the time at which you could be pregnant but its too early to know for sure, your waiting for a positive pregnancy test or your period.

This is my first cycle after miscarriage. I found my fertile period appeared shorter than usual. I usually get a few days where I have signs of fertility this cycle I only got 3 days. My pregnancy tests had just turned to negative a few days before ovulation.

I have still been testing for pregnancy and recently added in ovulation tests. I didn't manage to record the peak on an ovulation test. Lutenising hormone peaks about 17 hours prior to ovulation. I tested before but discounted the darker test as the urine was a little concentrated (2nd test in pic). When I tested the next day (about 20 hours later, 3rd test in pic) the test looked almost positive. I checked again a bit later with a test from my Zestica. kit (4th test) the line appeared fainter, and was fainter still later on. 

Ovulation tests first cycle after miscarriage.
To be honest I wasn't convinced. It just didn't feel like I have done during other cycles. However the next day my temperature went up, in response to rising levels or progesterone indicating I have indeed ovulated. There is every chance of pregnancy this month from a "timing" point of view in spite of my poor husband getting a throat infection...that's all I'll say on that!

So now its a case of waiting. I'm don't want to get my hopes up. My body might not be ready. I've miscarried and then spent two weeks with the worst case of tonsillitis I've experienced as an adult. I think the odd short fertile phase is a good indication that this might not be my month. I don't like to symptom spot, your hormones cause the symptoms and at this early stage shouldn't be any different than a normal cycle. I am however experiencing sore boobs, probably more related to my toddler's teething and all night feeding sessions.

I'm 5dpo now.... too early to test. Apart from I am testing. Although my pregnancy tests are negative to any sane person I can still kinda maybe see a line so I'm carrying on testing so if something does happen I can compare it. I wouldn't expect to see a real positive until 10dpo as thats when my other pregnancies have tested positive. ...Just 5 more days of waiting!

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