Monday, 19 August 2013

A little bit of Glamping with Schwartz

For one night during our camping trip we swapped camping food for a little bit of "glamping" and tried Schwartz Grill Mates Deep South Brown Sugar Marinade with a lovely bit of Rump Steak

Rather than our usual hob, we used our little camping stove. Grill Mates would also make for good barbecue food.

Rather than visit a Supermarket we found a butchers in Ambleside and bought some locally sourced Rump Steak.

The recipe for the Grill Mates Marinade called for oil, orange juice and white wine vinegar. We were organised enough to have brought oil with us, though if we had been at home I'd probably have opted for olive oil. The camp site shop sold orange juice but I was unable to find vinegar of any kind so we went ahead without it.

The Grill Mates Marinade recipe was very easy to follow. Just add all the ingredients in a bowl...

...and mix.

It was a great dish to prepare as the Grill Mates Marinade smelt amazing as soon as I opened the package.

Then add the meat.

The recipe said to leave to meat in a refrigerator for a minimum of 15 minutes to marinade and for better results overnight. As we didn't have a refrigerator it would not have been a great idea to leave overnight, so I left it in the shade for about 20 minutes while I prepared the rest of the meal.

Then we got to the best bit... cooking the steak.

I served with salad and mashed potatoes, intentionally keeping the side dishes simple as not to distract from the steak. Even though we had only let the steak marinade for a short while it took the flavour very well. It was incredibly tasty. It was also very easy to prepare, as you can see from the pictures we only had a tiny space. The flavours in the Grill Mates Marinade complimented the steak perfectly. The whole meal was lovely and made a welcome change to the camping food. We have some other Grill Mates to try and now we are home we are looking forward to trying bbq and kitchen methods of cooking. I'll finish with some pictures of our very yummy glamping dinner!!

Disclaimer: I received Grill Mates Marinade from Schwartz for free to review on the blog. All opinions are my own, as is the serving suggestion and cooking ideas.

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