Friday, 19 July 2013

Why we are looking forward to the Summer Holidays

Its the time of year that I hear a lot of parents dreading- the start six week break!!  This is the first year its been relevant to me. Abigail has been at nursery for a whole year having secured two year old funding last September. She's been going 15 hours a week since the start of Summer term. She also attends another two groups with Theo and I. Theo usually goes to three groups a week. From next week there will be just one of the usual groups and no nursery for 6 weeks. A massive drop in what we are used to.

But I'm kinda looking forward to it.

Change of pace

With 18 hours of activities a week to get to we have to get up by a certain time in the morning, and the children have to go bed at a certain time, so meal times also happen at fairly strict times of day. Over the holiday's we can relax this routine a little bit. Yeah, letting the children stay up late might mean less of an evening, but it also means a sneaky little lie-in!

No packed lunches means more flexibility with meal times. Hot meal at lunch time and a snacky tea? No problem!. and of course doing that means the grown ups can have a meal a bit later that's just for grown ups.

Project Time 

The 6 week break gives me plenty of time to set up projects with the children. You know, the kind of thing you can't really do as an adult unless you have children as an excuse! Plenty of time to try out all the fun activities I've been reading about in other blogs and meaning to try out. It gives me a chance to play at home education for a few weeks, something I'd love to do but doesn't quite suit our family.

Day Trips

We've only been in our current town for a year, so there is still much left of the area to be explored. The summer holidays will give us plenty of time to go off exploring. Fill up the picnic bag, pick a destination and we are off! With no nursery pick ups or drop off's to time we can be out all day.

The Family Holiday

Half way through the holiday's we are off camping!! This is nicely timed to break up the 6 weeks. The weeks before the children and I will be planning and talking about what we are going to do. I'm sure they will be great at helping pack too. So its not just going to provide entertainment while we are away but before and after too!

Boredom - No way!

I suppose I'm not really worried about boredom as I'm planning to be pretty busy. I think I need to spend a bit of time planning what we are doing and shopping for activities. Deciding to be busy is one thing, but actually having the activities ready to go is another. I'm going to be doing a little bit of brain storming over the next couple of days and coming up with lists of places to visit and lists of activities for us to do.

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