Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Shaving Foam Ice Cream Parlour

Messy play is great fun. Shaving foam has a lovely texture quite unlike anything else in the children's world. I decided it looked enough like ice cream to make an Ice Cream Parlour using shaving gel as the "ice cream" adding a bit of a theme to a messy play session.

I provided the children with a foil tray of shaving gel.

And a variety of pots and mixing equipment.

The great thing about shaving gel, as opposed to shaving foam is it can be mixed from the gel into foam. When you are 3years old and pretending to make Ice-Cream this is a pretty awesome effect! 

The children experimented with the foam trying to spoon it into little pots.

Abigail discovered the best piece of equipment for getting the foam in was a spatula. 

She added some of the pine cones we found on yesterdays walk as "flakes" to go in the top of the Ice Creams.

Theo was a little unsure about the feel of the shaving foam.

And tried to wipe it off his hand. 

He was much happier when the water arrived and he could wash the foam off.

Predictably he ended up sat in the water!! (FYI: those are pine cones floating by, not poo)

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