Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pirate Island in a box

Abigail woke up and told me she wanted to be a Pirate! So I decided to transform our sand box into a mini Pirate Treasure Island for her and Theo.

I added sea shells, sticks, plastic plants and some "treasure" to the sand box..... along with some Pirate Ducks.

 Abigail was already wearing her Pirate hat when she came outside to play.

Duck-fan Theo was rather delighted with the ducks in the sand box even if he didn't fully grasp the scene.

 The children were quick to discover the Pirate Ducks treasure.

Abigail spent a lot of time burying the treasure for the ducks to dig up again. She liked filling the pots and buckets with sand and burying them.

Or hiding them under shells.

Theo enjoyed digging in the sand.

He especially like playing with the Pirate Treasure which was glass beads. They made a lovely clink when dropped into the little metal pots.

Theo enjoyed filling, emptying and re-filling the pots with the treasure. 


The Pirate Ducks were given their own "boat" so they could sail off into the sun set with their treasure!!

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