Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Coral Reef- Water Play Sensory Box.

Sensory boxes are great fun, and with the nice weather a water themed box makes for a fantastic afternoon. Here's the box the children have been playing with today.

It contains:

  • A textured bath mat. 
  • An ice cube tray
  • Two different types of sponges.
  • Some plastic aquarium plants 
  • Plastic ice-cubes
  • Hair curlers. 
  • A generous sprinkle of glitter. 
  • Fish shapes cut out of foam
The children got to explore the box before I added water.  There are a lot of different textures within the box. Using the bath mat as a base gives the whole box a new texture.

Water Play

Then we added water, which immediately made everything much more exciting. Some items felt different when wet than they had done when dry.

Sensory play

The combination of bright colours, glitter and sunshine made for a great visual experience.

The clear box also allowed for different views of the watery scene.

Sensory Water Play

Abigail enjoyed looking at the items floating around from under the water. 

The children spend some time exploring the objects both in and out of the water.

Of course no water play session would be complete without soaking wet children, who decide to strip off and get into the water. This is the last picture I have before they loose all their clothes (I think Theo has already sat in the water with his nappy on at this point). The children decided it was nice enough weather to try out sitting in the water. The bath mat felt funny on their feet and butt. After we had finished they went upstairs to have a nice warm bath and get dried and changed!


Matt said...

Water always creates that reaction doesn't it? It's like they think that these clothes are just a barrier to the most fun I could have!

Angela Thayer said...

This is a very cute idea! I will have to try this with my boys. Hope you'll link this up at my blog hop today! http://teachingmama.org/tender-moments-blog-hop-21/

Angela Thayer said...

Very cute idea! Would love it if you linked this up on our blog hop today! http://teachingmama.org/tender-moments-blog-hop-21/