Friday, 3 May 2013

What a £1 a day shop can look like.

Here is our weekly shop for a family of 4 based on £1 per person per day. Just under £28 worth of food. Everything we will eat and drink (minus tap water) for 7 days.

Here is what we are doing. Including a shopping list and proposed menu.

Our potato's where substituted by Tesco for a slightly bigger bag of the next brand up at no cost to us. We also got a free sample of breakfast biscuits arrive with the shopping so I've included them in the food as well, they will probably be saved for husband and over-slept-breakfast-emergencies!

I was actually surprised by how much there was. I've done shops for much more that have looked much less. I'm feeling pretty confident we can survive the week with relative ease. Nutritional wise it looks as if we are going to have to eat a lot of carrots and peas to keep up our 5 a day. Protein is probably going to get a bit boring. But there seems to be an abundance of carbohydrates!


Jen Walshaw said...

That wouldn't feed my boys! They have hollow legs and what I find is that it is carb loaded which isn't that healthy for growing children and very light in protein.

Hats off to you for attending this with your children

Celesse said...

It's definitely carb heavy isn't it. I took out some white fish I had in the trolley and the smallest packet of value cheese as they took me over budget. I even had to swap out a 40p tin of meat balls to be able to keep the apples.