Friday, 17 May 2013

Toddler vs Grown up- Tummy Bug

How do Grown ups and Toddlers handle a tummy bug differently?

The Build Up

Grown up- Has argument with significant other for no reason. Declines cake.

Toddler- Becomes grumpy for no apparent reason. Being told "no" becomes even more of a big deal than normal. Tries to eat pudding but for reasons they don't understand doesn't want it. Expresses this by throwing it at older sibling.

The First Puke 

Grown up- Represses the urge to be sick for as long as possible. Tries sipping juice, then water. Eventually retreats to the toilet and turns on tap to drown out disgusting noises.

Toddler- Absolutely no warning. Projectile vomiting over at least half the room, hitting several toys, the carpet a magazine and a grown up.

The Very Sick Stage

Grown up- Lies on the sofa in between trips to the bathroom to be sick. Sips water. Eventually manages to sleep in between bathroom trips. Refuses to use sick bowl.

Toddler- Is excited to be not going to bed and sat on lots of towels. Uses sick bowl as a hat and a drum. Continues to give no warning when about to be sick and gets very upset every time they are sick. Eventually goes to sleep on parent occasionally being sick and going straight back to sleep if the parent manages to catch it and no clean up job is required.
Poorly baby

The False Recovery

Grown up- Believes they are feeling better. Drinks half a glass of water and throws up again. Goes back to bed.

Toddler- Wakes up in middle of the night, uses sick bowl as a drum again. Tries to go for a run around the bed looking for the toy duck that has been confiscated so it doesn't end up with sick on it. Shouts "dink, dink" until provided with water which is then thrown up everywhere. Becomes incredibly hug-gable and tired and just wants to be hugged by everyone. Eventually goes back to sleep.

The Recovery 

Grown up- Wants to sleep all day. Slowly manages to eat a slice of toast and builds up from there.

Toddler- Completely forgets they have ever been poorly and runs around the house like a lunatic. Appears to have saved up the energy they didn't use when ill and let it all out at once. Attempts to eat toast and banana fail, though they try to steal any other food available to them. After running around for a couple of hours they start to get tired, but refuse to believe this and become incredibly grumpy again. Eventually fall asleep an hour before bedtime ensuring they won't be back into their routine any time soon.
Hyper meant to be poorly baby, climbing where he shouldn't be

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