Sunday, 12 May 2013

Our Top 5 Most Used Baby Items

After 3 years of parenting and 2 children we have amassed a lot of baby items. Some brought, some gifted. This is our Top 5 Most Used Baby Items. 

5. Flashy Electronic Baby Walker

Although it's never been used to help them learn to walk the Baby Walker has been one of the most played with toys we own. It has flashy buttons and it plays annoying music and signs irritating jingles that get stuck in your head. But they love it. And will play with it for hours and hours. After a couple of weeks of listening to it over and over it becomes background noise.

Its usefulness is because its so entertaining and noisy that you can leave baby to play with it in a different noise and still know what they are doing and that they are not getting into trouble. This piece of equipment taught me all about parenting by listening. I could leave Abigail playing with it in the living room whilst cooking dinner and knew the instant she was no longer playing. And they seem to love it the most at the age when they can get around but lack sense.

4. Boobie cushion

I got my Boobie Cushion, (or U-Shaped Cushion, or Nursing Pillow as its probably really called) the day after having my emergency C-Section with my first baby. I couldn't hold my baby well because of the scar and it helped me get her into position to breastfeed her.

It's been used for a lot of feeds, breastfeeds, tandem feeds, bottle feeds. It's been used for many months for naps when the babies have gone through stages of wanting to sleep on my knee. It raises them up to a good height for me so hey can comfort suck and I can be hands free. It's also bee used as a prop to help them sit up.

3. Jumperoo

We got given a Rain-forest Jumperoo second hand. From about 4 months til 9 months its the most awesome piece of baby equipment. It keeps baby entertained and contained and is a safe position  They seem to love it and will bounce away for hours at a time, completely engrossed in  what they are doing. And when they get tired, they don't start crying, they jump themselves to sleep!!

The Jumperoo allowed me to do a lot of housework I wouldn't have got done! I still sometimes get the tune in my head along with the words we used to sing to Abigail "Jump-jumpa-jumpa-jumperooooo"

2. Sling(s)

I have a lot of different baby carriers. I started with a basic Mothercare carrier, but have got stretchy wraps, mei tai's, woven, an Ergo, I even have a sari for use as a baby carrier. The most basic use is as a form of baby transport. I don't drive so having a carrier for every occasion allows me to get on public transport easier. You can breastfeed on the go (with a little practice). Before the Jumperoo days and after its lost its appeal you can tie baby to your back and get on with the majority of housework. A wrap sling also makes a good blanket. Front carrying hides your post partum belly. When you are breast feeding your clothes choices become a little limited so having a pretty sling to co-ordinate is a great boost!

1. Muslin Squares

Our number one most used baby item is our collection of muslin squares. Such a boring item, but also a very useful one. The major use is as a burp cloth when baby is little. They also make great bibs when baby gets bigger and can be used to mop up spills. Why buy a load of fancy bibs when tying a muslin around babies neck covers much more?

I've used them as sun protectors, clipping them the the hood of the pram to create a cool barrier to the sun. When the kids have been sick they can be put on pillows and bedding for an easy clean up job. They are great toys and can be used as blankets and nappies for dolls (or monkeys in our house). They are easy to wash, quick to dry and very versatile.

What's your most used baby item?

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