How I suck at Diets

I’m a bit overweight. When I say “bit” I mean my BMI puts me just into “obese”…… unless I add an extra inch onto my height, in which case I’m still in “overweight”.  Some of the weight crept on after I stopped smoking 8 years ago. Some of the weight crept on as I get settled … [Read more…]

Dinosaur Sensory Box


Theo (21 months) is very into dinosaurs at the moment. Every Stay and Play he’s been to this term he’s headed straight for the dinosaurs and walked round with one in each hand the entire time. Today I put him together a Dinosaur themed Nature Box for him to play with.   The box contains: … [Read more…]

Being a 21st Century Housewife

  I don’t work and I have husband and children. What does that make me? A Home-maker? A Stay at Home Mum? A Housewife? Unemployed? All of the above? I often come across internet arguments of working mothers versus stay at home mothers. Stay at home mothers will list all the chores they do and … [Read more…]